Shuka Duka
Unique items made from the distinctive Masai blankets.

The Masai of East Africa, especially the young men or morans (warriors), often wear as part of their day-to-day clothing the brightly coloured and patterned blankets called shukas. A shuka serves both a protective and decorative function for the Masai. For tourists they have become emblematic of an East African safari and are often collected as souvenirs. Sadly, in some cases these shukas have been mass produced outside the country.

Shuka Duka Designs in Nairobi set out to address this situation. They acquire material woven in Kenya. They’ve worked with the craftspeople there to expand the range of colours and patterns available. Then they engage skilled artisans to sew and assemble a number of unique high quality products to exacting standards. In so doing they have expanded the market for the shuka material and created on-going employment for dozens of people.

We offer a range of these beautiful products to grace your home including the popular picnic blankets, baby bunting bags,, and fleece blankets.