VIRTUOUS consumption


Closing the circle with a limited number of unique and fine quality products from Kenya. 

About Us


We believe that the distinctive handcrafted items we carry are beautiful and worthy of consideration in their own right.

But we are also proud that our products bring a constructive and sustainable benefit to the communities where they are made.


Several times a year we travel to Kenya to source suppliers and to purchase products.

We visit each organization into which we enter an agreement and we go to the actual workshops where the products are made. We speak to the artisans as well as the management.


We strive, in so far as is possible, to carry products that have a positive environmental impact.  

Our goal is to ensure that the people who make the items we carry are properly compensated and fairly treated and that the workshop is a safe and positive place.  

Our Products

Ocean Sole


Handcrafted animals and other items made from reclaimed and recycled flip flops. Various sizes and prices available.

Shuka Duka


Disincentive and beautiful items suitable for the home, boat or cottage made from colourful Maasai blankets.

NRT Trading


Colourful beadwork items made by Maasai women to support their families and communities.

Spinners and Weavers


Completely handmade woolen rugs, shawls, and place mats made by a women's cooperative.

Mitumba Art


One of a kind items made from fabrics collected from the mitumba or used clothing and fabric market.