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Mitumba art


Re-purposing discarded materials

The good folks at Mitumba Art in Nanyuki harvest their local mitumba for high quality clothing and fabrics. The items are inspected and washed, and then as a team they work to design and create a wide range of unique and beautiful soft fabric items. A grass-roots success story, Mitumba Art has brought, often for the first time, meaningful and on-going employment – dignity – to their employees and their families.  

Over the years Mitumba Art has earned a reputation for high quality and beautiful products.  

We are proud to offer a wide range of their original bespoke items including table runners and napkins and adult and child aprons.  But if you have something special in mind (a cushion cover?), please get in touch.

But what exactly is the mitumba

 It is important to note that because of the hand-made nature of the things made by Mitumba Art's artisans, each item may well differ slightly from what is shown below. 


Table Runners

These hand painted and beaded table runners make a stunning addition to any table. The material was carefully selected for quality and durability from the mitumba in Nanyuki, Kenya. Each runner is designed and painstakingly painted by an individual artisan, who proudly signs the finished product. In most cases, some fine bead work is added to enhance the images.

The designs reflect the interests of the crafts person and usually come from the natural world. In most cases, the runners come are accompanied a set of six to eight napkins, which have a design that complements the table runner. The runners have a decorative tassel at each end, which is easily removed for laundry.

The table runners and napkins are machine washable in cold water. The paintings will not run or fade. (Seriously: the one pictured above has been washed many times.)

Our stock of table runners and napkins varies considerably from season to season. Below are just a few of the patterns and designs available. If you see something you like, or have an idea in mind, please let us know. Special orders are quite possible.

Table runner with a set of napkins - $100.00


Available in both adult and child sizes, these hand painted and embroidered aprons come in a wide variety designs and colours.

Made from sturdy material, they are machine washable and will last a long time without fading.

Mitumba Art's aprons make terrific gifts!

Please note that not all the aprons we have in stock are pictured here.

Child's apron - $15.00

Adult apron - $30.00