VIRTUOUS consumption

NRT Trading


Bead work gifts and ornaments made by Masai women.

In the harsh semi-arid lands of northern Kenya, nomadic herders grazing their goats and sheep and cattle compete for their share of the land with wildlife such as elephant, lion, and the endangered Grevy's zebra.

NRT Trading is an initiative of Northern Rangelands Trust, a non-profit organization in northern Kenya that strives to conserve wildlife in that part of the country. NRT Trading helps local people understand, benefit from, and conserve the wildlife through the creation and promotion of enterprises that produce quality hand-made gifts.

The money raised from the sale of these items, which are made entirely by the women, goes directly to individual households to help support education, health, and nutritional needs and to reduce their dependence on livestock-based livelihoods.

Please note that because all of these products are made by hand, colours and patterns will vary from what is shown below.