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spinners and weavers


All natural wool rugs and shawls

Established in 1977, Spinners and Weavers in Nanyuki, Kenya is a woman’s self-help group. Starting with only 10 members, the organization now numbers some 206 women and is a highly successful organization. Today the group is supported by its own revenue stream and is an important source of income for the women involved.

The majority of women in Spinners and Weavers are the sole breadwinners for their families. The money they earn helps to improve the quality of life for their children and grandchildren, helping to pay for education, health care, and better nutrition. But the organization also provides the women with companionship and support and gives them a sense of purpose and optimism.  

The members collect raw wool from local pastoralists and bring to their place in Nanyuki. Entirely by hand the women card and spin the wool into yarn. It is washed several times before it is dyed with only natural dyes. After it dries, the heavy yarn is woven into rugs of various sizes and patterns as well as place mats and wall hangings. Finer yarn is made into fine quality beautiful shawls.

Please contact us for what we have in stock and what we bring into Canada for you. We usually have in stock a range of shawls in various colours and some rugs. 

The price of the rugs depends on the pattern and size. Please contact us for further information.

Shawls are $60 each.